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Shades Association is excited to be bringing this one of a kind organization to ALL all-star competitive cheer athletes across the nation.  (Some activities and events are regional specific)  

Coming Soon ~ Fundraising Per Region

We will be looking for Regional Fundraising Directors Soon!

SHADES members ~ Start Fundraising TODAY!

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(International Cheer Athletes 18 or over - special memberships available)

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A volunteer based 501(c)(3) Organization that provides:

Inter-Program Unity





Benefiting any all-star cheer athlete and their families regardless of gym/program

*Membership required


To provide a positive platform for parent members to support all competitive athletes from any all-star cheer program through activities, scholarships, sponsorship, community service, fundraising, inter-program unity and various other events by always holding steadfast to a permanent set of core values: Accountability, Responsibility, Excellence, Quality, Leadership, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Trust, and Non-Discrimination. We are 100% focused on EVERY athlete and family from any all-star cheer program; partnered with parents and partnered all-star programs to LEAD by example by following powerful and positive LIFE actions

SHADES will work hard to continue to grow and expand our mission.  Our goal is to reach as many all-star cheer athletes and their families across the nation.  With the support of all-star cheer families, community businesses and corporate leaders,  SHADES will reach our goal to become larger, better and bring the cheer industry to the next level of accessibility to any athlete that wants to compete.  Let's work together to be the driving force that will help SHADES move mountains and be heard! 

Let's DO better, Let's BE better, Let's set the standard ~ Let us lead by example.

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Lynnette Jackson, Founder & President